Subway Club [home demo]

Year 2016
Key C♯m
Recorded with GarageBand
Artist Todd Gehman

Subway Club [home demo]

by Todd Gehman

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Song Lyric

I took the subway and saw
700 faces on my way
To grab a coffee and talk
To a long-lost newfound friend

All the people rushing by
Didn't care if I lived or I died
And if I could share a word with them
It would probably be "likewise".

Cuz we got onto this train just by coincidence
And we'll get off by the station at the end

I took the subway and saw
Every class and style of passenger
From every land that is bound
To its long-since past due name

As if all the riches of the earth
Were dug up for a ritual dance
And we play at never saying
How we cherish the mutual chance


I'm not gonna linger long on you
Unless I do

I took the subway and saw
Like a witness to a wedding vow
A little spark in their eye
Like a secret whispered true

And in every passing moment
Of this trip that we happened upon
And in every passing stranger
We can see what is all going on