Lead Vocal

Music Instrument

Listing songs made with Lead Vocal.


  1. Istanbul Sunset  [home demo]
  2. Lisbon Calling  [home demo]
  3. What's in the Attraction?  [home demo]
  4. Crossing Brooklyn Ferry [home demo]
  5. Homestun [home demo]
  6. Subway Club  [home demo]
  7. Walk on the Water [home demo]
  8. You in Your Youth [home demo]
  9. Chittenden [home demo]
  10. Avery's Word  [home demo]
  11. d3o  [home demo]
  12. Hooray for Tuesday [home demo]
  13. List of Record Labels Starting with L in Alphabetical Order  [home demo]
  14. Slide [home demo]
  15. Sunflower Rusty [home demo]
  16. The Pope  [home demo]
  17. The Revolution [home demo]
  18. B.C. Runner [home demo]
  19. Brain Eats Heart [home demo]
  20. Cousin [home demo]
  21. Down to the Wire [home demo]
  22. Fifty Ways [home demo]
  23. Having Hadn't Had [home demo]
  24. I Won't Crack [home demo]
  25. November is Over [home demo]
  26. Out of Ideas [home demo]
  27. Taking it On [home demo]
  28. What the Devil [home demo]
  29. Crowded Darkroom [home demo]
  30. Masterprinter [home demo]
  31. Minor White [home demo]
  32. The Recruiter [home demo]
  33. Green Rind [home demo]
  34. Gypsy Vampire Melons [home demo]
  35. Pink Snow [home demo]
  36. Subway Incident [home demo]