by Todd Gehman

This year's theme was my new home of NYC.

Track listing:

  1. New York Hustle  [home demo]
  2. Astrid's Eyes  [home demo]
  3. Subway Club  [home demo]
  4. Cross-City Bus  [home demo]
  5. Sandy Sideways  [home demo]
  6. Walk on the Water [home demo]
  7. Green-Wood  [home demo]
  8. Chelsea  [home demo]
  9. Fly By Night  [home demo]
  10. Homestun [home demo]
  11. Bastard Sun  [home demo]
  12. You in Your Youth [home demo]
  13. Crossing Brooklyn Ferry [home demo]
  14. Left on a Cold Train  [home demo]
  15. Wild Side  [home demo]