Live Music


Seattle, WA

Joined these old friends during their stint as a ten-member live act. Dirty little secret is that I'd never owned a suit before I gigged with this stylish band.


Seattle, WA

Played bass with Downpilot for a few months before their original bassist decided to rejoin. Short stint for me and I never got to record with Downpilot, but I'm a huge fan of Paul's songs and glad I got the chance to play.

An American Starlet

2001 - 2006
Seattle, WA
Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Keyboards

Fulfilled two life-long music dreams by going on tour with a band and recording an album that had a barcode on it. We were critically well received but rarely ventured out of Ballard. Eventually the singer/songwriter quit the band and moved to L.A. like a true rock star. But not before I learned a ton of stuff about recording from him.

The Shiners

1998 - 2001
Seattle, WA

After a brief stint in complex Seattle pop band Epigene, I went to the other end of the spectrum and got a classic country education by playing with the Shiners. We were a bar band, playing three hour sets and getting drunks to dance in varying degrees of earnestness to old-school country. To this day I know of no other country band which based a love song on quantum physics. Band split when the singer/songwriter decided he was too old for the music racket, broke up the band and moved back South.

Coffee Shop Trio

1992 - 1994
State College, PA
Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic cover band featuring myself on guitar backing two female vocalists. We mostly performed songs by folky female acts of the era: Indigo Girls, etc.

Dorothy Fell

1990 - 1992
State College, PA

Local alternative rock act in my college town.

by Todd Gehman

  1. New York Hustle  [home demo]
  2. Astrid's Eyes  [home demo]
  3. Subway Club  [home demo]
  4. Cross-City Bus  [home demo]
  5. Sandy Sideways  [home demo]
  6. Walk on the Water [home demo]
  7. Green-Wood  [home demo]
  8. Chelsea  [home demo]
  9. Fly By Night  [home demo]
  10. Homestun [home demo]
  11. Bastard Sun  [home demo]
  12. You in Your Youth [home demo]
  13. Crossing Brooklyn Ferry [home demo]
  14. Left on a Cold Train  [home demo]
  15. Wild Side  [home demo]

by Todd Gehman

  1. Aurora Boring Alice  [home demo]
  2. Steal (Metal Mart)  [home demo]
  3. Oh, Well  [home demo]
  4. Vinegar and Piss  [home demo]
  5. Macefield  [home demo]
  6. Wild Sands  [home demo]
  7. White Tattoos  [home demo]
  8. Ballard Bridge  [home demo]
  9. Shingletown Country  [home demo]
  10. 'Fore the sun came  [home demo]
  11. Chittenden [home demo]
  12. Ballard Bowl Blues  [home demo]
  13. It's Only Monday (So Hold Me Baby)  [home demo]
  14. Golden Gardens  [home demo]

by Jason and the Juggernauts [solo alias]

  1. Charles Street and Blackhill Road  [home demo]
  2. Hooray for Tuesday [home demo]
  3. d3o [home demo]
  4. The Pope [home demo]
  5. The Revolution [home demo]
  6. Slide [home demo]
  7. Freedom of Religion in Japan  [home demo]
  8. List of Record Labels Starting with L in Alphabetical Order [home demo]
  9. Avery's Word [home demo]
  10. Sunflower Rusty [home demo]
  11. Council Creek Yearbook  [home demo]

by The Novemberists [solo alias]

  1. Number One Rock Song  [home demo]
  2. Sixteen Minutes  [home demo]
  3. Fast Food Blues  [home demo]
  4. B.C. Runner [home demo]
  5. Enunciation Breakdown  [home demo]
  6. Brain Eats Heart [home demo]
  7. Cousin [home demo]
  8. Having Hadn't Had [home demo]
  9. Rhyme with Orange  [home demo]
  10. Fifty Ways [home demo]
  11. I Won't Crack [home demo]
  12. What the Devil [home demo]
  13. Taking it On [home demo]
  14. Out of Ideas [home demo]
  15. Twenty-Third Day  [home demo]
  16. Down to the Wire [home demo]
  17. November is Over [home demo]
  18. Next Halloween  [home demo]

by The Snockerers [solo alias]

  1. Crowded Darkroom [home demo]
  2. Minor White [home demo]
  3. Mug Shooter  [home demo]
  4. Tri-X [home demo]
  5. Masterprinter [home demo]
  6. Hangover Kids  [home demo]
  7. I Like the Night  [home demo]
  8. Shots at the Bar  [home demo]
  9. Plainclothes Man  [home demo]
  10. The Recruiter [home demo]
  11. NaSoAlMo Proud  [home demo]

by Speler [solo alias]

  1. Pink Snow [home demo]
  2. Watermelon Queen  [home demo]
  3. Lori's Story  [home demo]
  4. Subway Incident [home demo]
  5. Green Rind [home demo]
  6. Besting the Field in Yield  [home demo]
  7. Gypsy Vampire Melons [home demo]
  8. Luling Texas Thump  [home demo]
  9. Watermelon Love [home demo]