NaSoAlMo Proud [home demo]

Year 2006
Key C
Recorded with GarageBand
Artist The Snockerers [solo alias]

NaSoAlMo Proud [home demo]

by The Snockerers [solo alias]

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Song Lyric

I keep going out, I guess
Searchin' for my muse
But all I get is drunk at best
The girls are not amused

I tell them it's November
And I've made myself a star
They ask "Do you remember, man?
How did you get that scar?"

I tell them NaSoAlMo did
It fell right on my head
They say, "You just lost the Alamo, kid
But what was that you said?"

I say "Give me just one month
And we'll be swappin' blood."
They say, "This was quite enough.
You are the anti-stud."

I say, "But I'm a photographer
Who'd like to shoot you nude."
They say, "Nice girls don't prefer
An artist who is rude."

I say, "I'm a solid guy,
I got a daytime gig."
They say, "Keep your day job.
Why, is it a farm for pigs?"

I say "No, I write the internets
That make the young girls dance."
They say, "Compute odds on this here bet
Cuz this is your last chance."

I say, "I write love songs too.
I'm NaSoAlMo proud."
They say, "I have no more words for you
That I pronounce out loud."