by The Snockerers [solo alias]

My second go at National Solo Album Month. I'd learned a year earlier that it was possible for me to write songs, so this time I tried writing better ones and chose a theme I actually cared about, Photography. I put too much pressure on myself and melted my brain.

Track listing:

  1. Crowded Darkroom[home demo]
  2. Minor White[home demo]
  3. Mug Shooter [home demo]
  4. Tri-X[home demo]
  5. Masterprinter[home demo]
  6. Hangover Kids [home demo]
  7. I Like the Night [home demo]
  8. Shots at the Bar [home demo]
  9. Plainclothes Man [home demo]
  10. The Recruiter[home demo]
  11. NaSoAlMo Proud [home demo]
  12. Masterpiece[home demo]