Whiskey Is My Yoko [home demo]

by Todd Gehman

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Song Lyric

Whiskey is my Yoko
Cynthia she might know
Not to mention Julian

Whiskey is my Yoko
Soaking like a Scouse, though
Bowing Liverpudlian

Sail a Dada mission
Stake a free position
Starboard in the lounge
Color in the scratches
Drawn in vinyl rackets
Spinning us around

Indica’s a basement
Catering to spacemen
Orbiting around the bar

She semaphores a flag 'Yes'
Buoyed by a bag dress
Jetsam of a tipsy art


Grapefruit as a headline
Naked as a deadline
Acorn arrow to my heart

Whiskey is my Yoko
Mythical as New York
Chapman, I left out your part


Whiskey is my Yoko