She Caught a Bug [home demo]

by Todd Gehman

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Song Lyric

She caught a bug 
And she hopes it's the flu
But then it could portend the end of her time

Pets her cats
Ceases Tinder chats
To consult with Dr. Google online
Having this in question's getting old
Is it the grim reaper or a cold?

She takes her drugs
And her vitamin C
Watches Disney, Hulu, Netflix, and porn
Takes a break
When it’s happy hour
To regret that she had ever been born
Having this in question’s getting old
Is it the grim reaper or a cold?

Couple weeks
She is back on her feet
So it’s yoga class and walking the park

Has a date
Shows up tragically late
Wears a polka dotted mask on a lark  

Then she walks in hoping it's a stud
Risking the grim reaper or a dud

And that's the end 
It's a cliffhanger song
Even worse there is no next episode

This is FAWM
I do everything wrong
These are simple things that you should've knowed

I am really tiring of your ‘tude
Did you come here only to be rude?
She caught a bug
And I made it a song
You’re welcome