Plainclothes Man [home demo]

Year 2006
Written by Elliott Smith
Key Gm
Recorded with GarageBand
Artist The Snockerers [solo alias]

Plainclothes Man [home demo]

by The Snockerers [solo alias]

The NaSoAlMo challenge allowed for one cover song per album, so for my photography-themed album I covered (part of) this Elliott Smith track by Heatmiser.

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Song Lyric

There's something that I'll tell you now
Now that no-one else is around
The sort of lesson that I learned from you
Not quite the way you planned
But I know you'll understand

Someone takes a photograph
A picture while their sweetheart laughs
A perfect moment in a flash of light
Counting back from three to one
That's exactly what you've done

And I'm so unsurprised
I remember, I remember why I dream in black and white
Goes to show my continual decline
And say that I'll recover my love of her once in awhile
But I don't know, I don't think so.
I don't think so.