Next Halloween [home demo]

Year 2007
Key E
Recorded with GarageBand
Artist The Novemberists [solo alias]

Next Halloween [home demo]

by The Novemberists [solo alias]

A song celebrating the participants in NaSoAlMo, which happened each November.

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Song Lyric

Pouring from Apple Stores,
Keyboard conventions,
And bars where they don't know your name

With melodies beating in
Lyrics to write
And brimming with naivete
On November's first day

For four weeks they'd battle
Impossible odds
To make their own songs and to say

"I made me an album in 30 cold nights,
Keeping my mind all the way
Til the 29th day."

And after the tracking
It's back to their lives
Hiding faces which reddened between

Featherweight boxers
Who punched above class
To gather some scars, you might say
For the next Halloween