'Fore the Sun Came [home demo]

Year 2015
Key Am
Recorded with GarageBand
Artist Todd Gehman

'Fore the Sun Came [home demo]

by Todd Gehman

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Song Lyric

'Fore the sun came, the cobbler and haberdash
Parried me for the wine
Left in stitches electric and sour mash
Had me dressed up in nines

We were dotting our tees and crossing our eyes

Down the dockyard, the bootlegger's ankle stash
Overboarded on time
Green tobacco was weaved into captain's sash
We were hung out to dry

On the line
All things happen in time

When the day broke, a thundering tidal crash
Left no sirens to whine
I struck out, left a pension of crooked cash
Only stole what is mine