Enunciation Breakdown [home demo]

Year 2007
Key F♯m
Recorded with GarageBand
Artist The Novemberists [solo alias]

Enunciation Breakdown [home demo]

by The Novemberists [solo alias]

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Song Lyric

Listen hard, there's a siren that's wailing in the mic track
Doesn't belong
To a song clocking in at 2:20
I don't wanna drag out too long

Got this far, should a chorus come in?
Would a break be wrong?
I don't know why I try write my NaSoAlMo songs
Right now

I tend to save the acoustic numbers
For the last and desperate days
It's only the first weekend now
But I don't know what else to play

Sunday night, I've been at it since morning
Did a heavy song
Must've got on roommie's nerves
With the drumming all day long
Quiet now