Besting the Field in Yield [home demo]

Year 2005
Key Am
Recorded with GarageBand
Artist Speler [solo alias]

Besting the Field in Yield [home demo]

by Speler [solo alias]

Here we have a laundry list of watermelon varieties.

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Song Lyric

Take your Seedless or your Yellow Flesh
Farmy, Mirage, or Warpaint
Yellow Champagne or the Charleston Grey
Horticulture's what it ain't

Take your Congo or the Crimson Sweet
Moon and Stars or Jubilee
Sugar Baby or your Calhoun Grey
Icebox or Royal Sweet

Sunny's Pride before the Honey Heart
Nova Park or Tiffany
Harris Moran with insecticide
Bests the field in growing yield

Stars and Stripes or there's the Millionaire
Abbott and Cobb 5244
Crimson Trio or the Jack of Hearts
Cotton Candy, Sweet Favorite