The Wine Brats' Guide to Living with Wine


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Get Wine Brats in your brain, and you'll cast aside those fruit-salad-style wine reviews, drive your four-wheeled wine storage facility down to the bottle barn, and find some juice that doesn't suck. You'll be moved to throw a vino soirée... even if you only own three plates that match. There you have it: Wine Brats is the first translation of a wine-lovin' guide into the Gen-X language. A collection of essays centered on the way "real people" might acquaint themselves with wine, the guide has four divisions, best described as education, celebration, vinification, and geekification. Behind the irreverent humor infusing many of the essays, the guide is replete with studiously down-to-earth advice on wine. Yes, Jack in the Box grub complements Gallo of Sonoma Cab, and it's even better if you "supersize this one by hitting the 'repeat' button on Jimmy Buffett's 'Cheeseburger in Paradise'". But just a few chapters away, a Master of Wine is further deconstructing the myths of food and wine pairings through one of the book's freshest technical passages. Wine Brats Coalition members, including the Sonoma-raised editors of this eclectic volume, make one thing clear: they're very serious about taking wine life a lot less seriously.