by Jason and the Juggernauts [solo alias]

This year I tried to do songs based strictly on topics that surfaced by clicks on the "random article" button on Wikipedia. It didn't go very well. I didn't quite reach NaSoAlMo's 29:09 minimum time limit of finished material, but here is a sampling of some song attempts. These songs were never fully mixed and never mastered. So, with regard to how they sound...never mind that.

Track listing:

  1. Charles Street and Blackhill Road [home demo]
  2. Hooray for Tuesday[home demo]
  3. d3o [home demo]
  4. The Pope [home demo]
  5. The Revolution[home demo]
  6. Slide[home demo]
  7. Freedom of Religion in Japan [home demo]
  8. List of Record Labels Starting with L in Alphabetical Order [home demo]
  9. Avery's Word [home demo]
  10. Sunflower Rusty[home demo]
  11. Council Creek Yearbook [home demo]