NaSoAlMo 2008: Random Articles [Incomplete]


by Jason and the Juggernauts [solo alias]

Songwriter, Performer, Producer, Sound Mixer, RecordistPiano, Organ, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocal, Percussion, Bass, Electric Guitar, Drums, Backing Vocals, Live Take Recording
National Solo Album Month (NaSoAlMo) is an online community challenging solo musicians to write and record enough songs to reach a running time of 29:09 during the month of November. Because I find this extreme time limitation fruitful for creative focus, I also choose a lyrical album theme to strictly follow for each year's songs.

by Jason and the Juggernauts [solo alias]

This year's theme idea was to write songs based strictly on topics that surfaced by clicking on the "random article" button on Wikipedia.

Track listing:

  1. Charles Street and Blackhill Road [home demo]
  2. Hooray for Tuesday[home demo]
  3. d3o [home demo]
  4. The Pope [home demo]
  5. The Revolution[home demo]
  6. Slide[home demo]
  7. Freedom of Religion in Japan [home demo]
  8. List of Record Labels Starting with L in Alphabetical Order [home demo]
  9. Avery's Word [home demo]
  10. Sunflower Rusty[home demo]
  11. Council Creek Yearbook [home demo]