NaSoAlMo 2007: Meta Songs


by The Novemberists [solo alias]

Songwriter, Performer, Producer, Sound Mixer, Recordist, MasteringPiano, Organ, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocal, Percussion, Bass, Electric Guitar, Drums, Backing Vocals, Live Take Recording
National Solo Album Month (NaSoAlMo) is an online community challenging solo musicians to write and record enough songs to reach a running time of 29:09 during the month of November. Because I find this extreme time limitation fruitful for creative focus, I also choose a lyrical album theme to strictly follow for each year's songs.

by The Novemberists [solo alias]

I'd started learning the drums in 2007, so I incorporated them into my NaSoAlMo stuff this year. Which means I tried a few rock songs too. I had a lot more fun at it this year and this is probably my favorite of the first three fake records I made. These are "Meta Songs" in that they're all about the process of writing and recording an album by yourself in one month.

Track listing:

  1. Number One Rock Song [home demo]
  2. Sixteen Minutes [home demo]
  3. Fast Food Blues [home demo]
  4. B.C. Runner[home demo]
  5. Enunciation Breakdown [home demo]
  6. Brain Eats Heart[home demo]
  7. Cousin[home demo]
  8. Having Hadn't Had[home demo]
  9. Rhyme with Orange [home demo]
  10. Fifty Ways[home demo]
  11. I Won't Crack[home demo]
  12. What the Devil[home demo]
  13. Taking it On[home demo]
  14. Out of Ideas[home demo]
  15. Twenty-Third Day [home demo]
  16. Down to the Wire[home demo]
  17. November is Over[home demo]
  18. Next Halloween [home demo]