by The Novemberists [solo alias]

I'd started learning the drums in 2007, so I incorporated them into my NaSoAlMo stuff this year. Which means I tried a few rock songs too. I had a lot more fun at it this year and this is probably my favorite of the first three fake records I made. These are "Meta Songs" in that they're all about the process of writing and recording an album by yourself in one month.

Track listing:

  1. Number One Rock Song [home demo]
  2. Sixteen Minutes [home demo]
  3. Fast Food Blues [home demo]
  4. B.C. Runner[home demo]
  5. Enunciation Breakdown [home demo]
  6. Brain Eats Heart[home demo]
  7. Cousin[home demo]
  8. Having Hadn't Had[home demo]
  9. Rhyme with Orange [home demo]
  10. Fifty Ways[home demo]
  11. I Won't Crack[home demo]
  12. What the Devil[home demo]
  13. Taking it On[home demo]
  14. Out of Ideas[home demo]
  15. Twenty-Third Day [home demo]
  16. Down to the Wire[home demo]
  17. November is Over[home demo]
  18. Next Halloween [home demo]