NaSoAlMo 2005: Watermelon Songs


by Speler [solo alias]

Songwriter, Performer, Producer, Sound Mixer, RecordistPiano, Organ, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocal, Drum Programming, Bass, Electric Guitar, String Arrangement, Backing Vocals, Sound Effects, Live Take Recording
National Solo Album Month (NaSoAlMo) is an online community challenging solo musicians to write and record enough songs to reach a running time of 29:09 during the month of November. Because I find this extreme time limitation fruitful for creative focus, I also choose a lyrical album theme to strictly follow for each year's songs.

by Speler [solo alias]

My first foray into National Solo Album Month and also my first foray into songwriting. Dove right into speed songwriting. I chose the absurd theme of watermelons so that I wouldn't waste precious recording time writing lyrics. It didn't work.

Track listing:

  1. Pink Snow[home demo]
  2. Watermelon Queen [home demo]
  3. Lori's Story [home demo]
  4. Subway Incident[home demo]
  5. Green Rind[home demo]
  6. Besting the Field in Yield [home demo]
  7. Gypsy Vampire Melons[home demo]
  8. Luling Texas Thump [home demo]
  9. Watermelon Love[home demo]