by Todd Gehman

My first attempt at February Album Writing Month was a love letter to my neighborhood of Ballard because I knew I'd be leaving soon for New York after two decades in Seattle.

Track listing:

  1. Aurora Boring Alice  [home demo]
  2. Steal (Metal Mart)  [home demo]
  3. Oh, Well  [home demo]
  4. Vinegar and Piss  [home demo]
  5. Macefield  [home demo]
  6. Wild Sands  [home demo]
  7. White Tattoos  [home demo]
  8. Ballard Bridge  [home demo]
  9. Shingletown Country  [home demo]
  10. 'Fore the Sun Came  [home demo]
  11. Chittenden [home demo]
  12. Ballard Bowl Blues  [home demo]
  13. It's Only Monday (So Hold Me Baby)  [home demo]
  14. Golden Gardens  [home demo]