About Todd

  • Brooklyn, NY (current)
  • Seattle, WA
  • State College, PA
  • Ephrata, PA
True fact

I don't have a beard.


I was just a kid when my childhood began.

[Years pass.]

Escaping my little hometown in Amish Country for the slightly more enculturated pastures of State College (actual name of an actual town), I tried dropping the math nerd schtick, studying the liberal arts, growing out my hair, and so on. I got so adept at critical thinking while at Penn State that I eventually turned a critical eye on state school liberal arts education. Skipped town, headed West.

Lived in Seattle for two decades, marinating in its creative juices and becoming more and more urbanized. Meanwhile, the web happened and I taught myself software development and ended up with a career.

[Years pass.]

Got quite a bit of international travel under my belt, through which I gradually realized that New York was my favorite city by far and that I should try living there. So I did. It was a good idea.

[Years pass.]

I have yet to settle on an epitaph, but here are three contenders:

  • Made it the whole way through without therapy.
  • I would rather be here than in Florida.
  • I had a lover's duel with the world. (A riff on Robert Frost's)